Senior Strategic Solutions Consultant @ Hootsuite
Road Warrior | Entrepreneur | Speaker | Author

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Former Teen Entrepreneur. 
​Global SaaS Sales Executive.

I'm a (former) award winning young entrepreneur & author who today advises the world's largest brands and companies regarding their social media management infrastructure and enterprise deployment strategy.

My entrepreneurial career began when I was 12. I co-founded phatStart LLC, a teen oriented online community and display advertising network. At it's height, the network had 300 million impressions a month and the client list included Microsoft, Sega, Disney and other top tier brands. phatStart was named as one of the top 12 companies in Silicon Alley to look out for by the Silicon Alley Reporter. When I was 16 I Co-founded and hosted the syndicated radio show "Teen America", which received clearance on ABC and CBS Radio. When I was 18, I reflected on my entrepreneurial career and wrote "Conversations with Teen Entrepreneurs". At 19 I co-founded search engine software company Search Rate Technologies LLC. In 2005 CNN and Lou Dobbs named me as a member of "America's Bright Future" I've been featured on major tv networks and newspapers.

I'm a proud Boston University alum and was the first recipient of the annual "Boston University School of Management Peter R Russo award for entrepreneurship" in 2007.
My social media career began when I relocated to NYC and joined Lightspeed Financial. I developed and built Lightspeed Spotlight and managed/developed Lightspeed's social media, blogger relations and interactive marketing strategies. I've worked as a consultant for various companies on social strategy and got my feet wet in influencer marketing at SocialChorus &Appinions.

At Hootsuite, I work with & advise the world's largest brands regarding their enterprise social media management strategy.

When my schedule permits, I speak about social at industry conferences and meetups.